Saturday, 24 January 2015

Miles 100.2 - 108.2 Sponsored by Ivor H

A medium paced 8 miles tonight which felt pretty good throughout. I decided to push the pace a little, yet still keeping the running relaxed and as easy as possible. As my fitness has improved over the last few weeks my steady run pace has also started to increase. I'm still 20 seconds from my target 3hr15mins marathon pace in this steady state but there's plenty of time for this pace to come down as my fitness improves further still.

Thanks to Ivor for his kind sponsorship of this run in support of Hospice UK.

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On another, more geeky note, I thought my trusty Garmin Forerunner 305 had given up the ghost after tonight's run as it failed to load when plugged into the cradle. After a bit of Googling I tried the soft reset (holding mode and lap down for 10 seconds) and low and behold it started up as normal - even keeping tonight's run on it and allowing me up upload to Garmin!

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