Friday, 27 February 2015

Injury Woes!

So a self imposed running ban this week as I'm sadly injured. After running 38 miles in three days, with a 8m high intensity tempo run two days later, I could feel I may have pushed it a little too much. Sadly my next steady run confirmed this and It became clear that I had developed shin splints in my left leg.

Nearly a week on and my leg is no longer painful to the touch but is still very achey in the morning.  I'm hoping that after another couple of days rest I will be able to get out for some steady 4-5 mile runs next week. Although I find myself now 69 miles behind in my 2015, I'm pleased I've has the discipline to stop running and recover, and have hopefully stopped any longer term injury from occurring.

Fundraising has continued to grow with my current total now standing at £1139.80 in support of Hospice UK.

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