Monday, 4 April 2011

Week 6 Training - Blood, Wet and Tears (R.I.P Sandfield I knew you well)

So 20.5 miles of running in one of the most memorable weeks for a long time. Water and various other liquids were a running theme (no pun intended!) of the week which started with Tuesday's interval session. Lets just say it wasn't raining when I left, see the photographic evidence below for what happened next! I also started with my first blister of this running campaign, although it could only be graded as a man blister it did hurt a little during the run - I know I need to be prepared for much more blister pain in the future!

An easy 3 miles after rehearsal on Wednesday was somewhat dryer as was an enjoyable 4 mile tempo run along the beautiful Spring kissed Treeton Dyke on Thursday evening.

Friday was the start of a very special weekend which saw me back on stage with 95 other performers to see off Sandfield Theatre in Nottingham and pay tribute to the amazing and inspirational figure that is Alistair Conquer. This man has inspired and shaped the lives of 1000s of young people through is tireless dedication to arts education over the last 18 years.

Bald caps were the order of the day for use in a number of sketches and skits of Alistair, my ear almost getting severed as my supposed old friend Kelly helped cut the cap round my ears - only to end up with an ear which didn't want to stop bleeding. That aside it was a brilliant event to be a part of and had me blubbering like a baby during a poignant scene as the Integrated Group of performers with learning difficulties paid their final respects to Sandfield.

It was quite something to be back alongside so many old friends who I hadn't seen for 15 years or more and be back as a member of Nottinghamshire Education Theatre (or Nottingham Youth Theatre as it's now known).

All this busyness of the weekend didn't stop the running you'll be pleased to hear and a 7.30am Saturday run around my old stomping ground in West Bridgford, Nottingham was a great start to a fabulous day.

After a late, late night on Saturday I was still determined to make my 7.5 mile Sunday long run and, although I wasn't too enthusiastic at the start, I did feel pretty good throughout - taking it at a nice easy 9.30/mile pace.

Next week should hopefully see me hit the100 mile mark in my training including an 8 mile long run next Sunday. I'm really starting to feel the benefit of my running fitness wise and seem to have more and more energy after each run, long may my enthusiasm last.

I have been asked by a couple of people for some paper sponsorship forms which I should hopefully receive from British Heart Foundation this week. Again thanks to everyone for your continued generosity and support in this worthwhile cause.

Till Next week,


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