Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 5 Training - Long runs & Sore Legs!

5 weeks in and the training is starting to mount up, as well as take its toll. Current totals stand at,

Miles this week - 15
Miles this month - 57.7
Miles total - 73.7

Still reeling from last week's Bradford 10K, and after a well earned rest day from running, I enjoyed an easy 3 mile recovery run on Tuesday and felt full of energy and as fit as a fiddle. A shortened interval session on Wednesday, due to Charlotte's 30th Birthday celebrations (welcome to the 30s club my darling!), and I still felt great. Thursday evening was when the wheels well and truly came off and a scheduled 3 mile tempo run was out of the question as I shivered and ached myself into bed for a 3 hour nap before forcing down some food and heading back to bed. I struggled through Friday at work, barking and grunting at anyone who remotely dared to annoy me or give me a hard time. Evening came and plans of making up my runs disappeared as another early night was what the doctor, or at least the wife, ordered!

By Saturday I felt much better and decided to do my long run that was scheduled for Sunday. A 7 miler and my longest run so far in this round of training. I took it really steady around this very hilly route (10min/mile) and felt good for most of the way round. At about mile 5 my old ITB knee injury threatened to take hold but never developed any further. After 1hr10mins I was back home and cooking some protein rich Fish Fingers to help my muscles recover. I spent the rest of the day feeling quite sore and realising that I need to add much more stretching and core stability work into my training if I am going to cope with being on my feet running for greater and greater durations as my training develops.

You will recall I dedicated last week's 10K to Run for Japan whose fundraising currently stands at a staggering £15,243.95 with 569 runners from around the world dedicating 10,433 running miles to the people of Japan. It is humbling to be a part of such an amazing and inspiring community and I am sure this total will keep on rising as more and more runners dedicate runs and raise more and more well needed money.

20 miles of running to do next week along with plenty of stretches and core muscle exercises to keep those pesky arches and pains away. Thank you once again to those who have sponsored me in support of the British Heart Foundation, I have now reached 17% of my £1000 target. If you would like to donate please go to my charity page at\stevetrotter

Till next week,


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