Sunday, 27 February 2011

1st Week of training complete - Only 27 weeks to go!

So here we are, one week into my marathon training and only 27 weeks to go. All has gone well so far and I have managed to complete my scheduled 5 varied runs and notched up an encouraging 15 miles.

Before starting my training in earnest I invested in a new piece of kit, much to my wife's amusement. Yes I am now the proud owner of my very first pair of Running Tights! Now sure they look hideous and they do tend to cling to certain parts of the body however, they are very warm when running in this cold weather and even have an inside pocket for my ipod! After being severely mocked by friends over the weekend for my new purchase I'm staying strong and sticking with them, at least until the weather starts to pick up.

Next week's training will follow a similar pattern to this week with only a 1 mile increase for my long run on Sunday. I am very conscious of not upping my mileage too quickly so as to avoid injury and further ITB problems which I encountered in the run up to last year's half marathon

Please keep checking back for more news of how training is going, details of events I'll be taking part in and details of how you can donate or contribute to fundraising events.

Till next week.


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